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Welcome to Lone Tree Pediatric Dentistry located in Lone Tree, Colorado.  Dr. Nick Miner and the team are dedicated to delivering their patients with the utmost dental care in a safe and comfortable environment.  We believe every child should have a smile in which they can be proud and a pediatric dentist in whom they can confide.  From the moment we meet our patients, it is our goal to develop a trusting bond that will make your child feel at ease and confident in our care.  During each visit, we will provide your child with step-by-step instructions of what is occurring during their appointment.  Additionally, we will suggest at-home tips for you and your child to incorporate good oral hygiene in their daily routine.  It is our goal for all of our patients to have a fantastic dental experience.  We want your child to be interested in their oral hygiene and excited about visiting us again.  We are looking forward to your first or next visit!

Lone Tree Pediatric Dentistry was previously All Kids Pediatric Dentistry owned by Dr. Nancy Grant. Dr. Nancy couldn’t be more pleased with her selection of Dr. Nick Miner.  She is excited to see his positive energy at the office as she transfers the dental care of her cherished patients to him.  One of the many reasons that Dr. Nancy selected Dr. Nick as her replacement is that they both share the same knowledgeable and conservative approach to dental treatment recommendations. Lone Tree Pediatric Dentistry has been named a Top Dentist by 5280 Magazine in 2016 & 2017.  

*For more on Dr. Nancy’s Grant retirement, refer to this letter she sent to her patients in April 2015.