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Baby's First Dental Visit - When?

By Lone Tree Pediatric Dentistry - April 6, 2021

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends parents bring in their child when their first tooth erupts or no later than the first birthday.  One might think taking a 1-year-old to a dental checkup is a bit early.  However, it helps both parents and child learn about healthy oral hygiene and establishes brushing as part of their routine early-on.   A child will also become familiar with being in a dental office, get used to the dental cleaning process and become accustomed to their visits which take place twice a year. 

We understand that some parents bring their child in for the first dental visit after the age of one.  We appreciate that life can get busy.  As soon as your child gets his or her first tooth, the goal is to be brushing twice a day.  Under the age of 3 years, we recommend using a rice-grain size of fluoride toothpaste.  Over the age of 3 years, we prefer to use a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. 

At Lone Tree Pediatric Dentistry, education is a cornerstone of our office.  At the first visit, we will teach you and your child how to maintain healthy oral hygiene habits.  Additionally, we will check for cavities and ensure everything is being done to maintain healthy gums.  In addition, we also provide tips on how to handle certain habits such as thumb sucking or pacifier usage.  For more information, on this please check out our other blog Pacifiers: What’s the Harm in Them?

Until next time, keep Smiling!

Dr. Nick